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Summer Adventures 2013, Week 2

2013 June 21
by Sarah

Two weeks ago for our weekly summer adventure, we headed across the river into Kentucky for a trip to Totter’s Otterville. I snagged a great deal from Groupon last month that gave us 4 child admissions (adults are always free!) for $14, which is just over 50% off. Otterville is made up of different rooms for themed, interactive play. There are several rooms for pretend play (kitchen, grocery store, vet clinic, house), a water table, trains, blocks, legos, dance studio, an outdoor magnetic fishing pond, trolley rides, and a giant indoor climber and ball pit, and more.

We started at the conveyor belt and I think Sam could have stayed there all morning if I hadn’t taken him to explore other areas. His favorite part was putting the foam blocks into the hole. Over and over and over.




We looked at a few more of the rooms before making our way outside for the trolley.




The trolley was also a big hit. He asked for more and started to meltdown when we got off so we got right back on for another circuit. This time I gave him plenty of advance warning that we would be getting off and he was able to say bye-bye to the train without any fuss.

I don’t have any pictures of the outdoor magnetic fishing pond because I had to do all the actual catching of fish, but we’ll be doing that one again when we go back.






Sam found the ball pit pretty intimidating, but he eventually got in once some of the bigger, louder kids got out. Unfortunately, the other kid in there at the time called for his grandma to come in and she intimidated Sam too. So the ball bit didn’t last long, but the steps and slide on the climber were more his speed.




Honestly, I was a little disappointed that some things seemed a little more gently used than I expected, but it’s still a great place for kids to just explore, play, and be kids. I think it’s better for the 3 and up crowd. Sam doesn’t do much imaginative play yet and many of the rooms were geared that way. Also, I think they have more extra things happening on weekends (live performances, longer times for the trolley, etc.) However, we’ll be going back!

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  1. Karen Stevenson permalink
    June 22, 2013

    Well I guess my post didn’t go through – I see what you mean with Sam being spooked by the big kids on the video – “Mama!”. Thanks for sharing so we can enjoy the adventures, too!

  2. June 22, 2013

    That looks like such a fun place for kids! I love the little grocery store, ha. Kid-eye level. :)

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