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2012 October 31
by Sarah

I am always planning and writing blog posts in my head, but when nap time comes I find myself or make myself busy with other things. Life is slipping by undocumented and I want to remember these things. Already I am forgetting pieces of Sam’s babyhood and our early parenting days that I thought I would always remember.

I would love to do another day-in-the-life post like I did almost a year ago. In fact, I intended too! Sometimes I feel like good intentions are the story of my life, but good intentions don’t get you very far. But… today I want to share what a typical day, week, and month is like for us.

Sam (who is currently 15 months old) and I have fallen into a pretty easy routine. He is usually up around 8:30 and if I’ve had an uninterrupted night’s sleep, I’m usually up and in the shower about then. Jeff is already gone for work and we don’t normally see him in the morning.

I nurse Sam, change and dress him, then we go downstairs for breakfast followed by playtime or errands. I give Sam his lunch around noon and then we read books snuggled together in the big, comfy reading chair.

After lunch and reading, it’s nap time, usually about 1:00 or 1:30. Mr. Sleepy takes a 3-hour nap most days and I get some down time and tend to other responsibilities.

He nurses again when he’s up from his nap and we play some more until Jeff gets home. Sam gets some one-on-one time with Daddy while I make dinner. We sit down to dinner as a family (usually about 7:00), have a little more playtime depending on how long dinner goes, then Daddy whisks the little boy upstairs to get ready for bed about 8:00 or 8:15.

(This is Sam discovering that raspberries fit perfectly onto toddler fingers.)

Dad does bedtime routine every night (brush teeth, change into pajamas, read sleepy stories) before I come up to finish things off. We say night-night to Daddy before more nursing and then rocking and singing in the dark.

Sam had been sleeping 11-12 hours straight at night at about 13 months old, but three trips, a fever, and an ear infection in the last six weeks messed up all his good sleep progress. Even naps were wonky and he’s been a great, easy napper for many months. He’s slept 10+ hours the past two nights though so I’m hoping he’s back on track again.

But now I’ve gotten a bit off topic…

Jeff and I will typically spend our evenings at home chatting, watching a favorite TV show, reading, or catching up on internet-y things.

So that’s a typical at home day, but we’re out of the house a lot too. Monday mornings are for grocery shopping. Sometimes we go out again after Monday’s nap to hit up another store. Two Tuesday mornings each month we have MOPS and a MOPS planning meeting. Wednesday mornings we try to go to Library Babies story time. Jeff plays racquetball with a friend after work on Wednesdays so he’s usually home a bit later on those nights.

We used to have our church small group meetings on 1st and 3rd Thursday nights, but we’re trying out a new format where we meet every other week (we used to skip 5th Thursdays). The big difference is our meetings are not all the same now. Just the women meet together, then just the men meet, then the whole group gets together. Rinse and repeat. Our focus is shifting more toward accountability and prayer and away from a more typical Bible study.

Of course we have other random things going on around the normal stuff: doctor appointments, play dates, errands, etc. Weekends seem to fill up quickly and it’s rare to have a whole weekend without something going on other than Sunday church. If there’s not a birthday, wedding, or new baby to celebrate, then we’re off to book club, visiting with family or friends, or even squeezing in a date.

In short, life is busy but good. :)

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  1. Barbara permalink
    November 1, 2012

    Cute couple with a really cute kid! I’m glad he likes books and playing with his food. Your pictures of him remind me of the days (YEARS AGO) when my kids were small.

  2. May 17, 2017

    It’s like you’re on a missoin to save me time and money!

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