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Recipe: Homemade Yogurt Popsicles

2012 July 19
by Sarah

Last week on my personal Facebook, I said, “Homemade orange-yogurt pops, the taste of my childhood summers, are freezing up as I type. (Also homemade strawberry-yogurt pops.) Can’t wait for breakfast tomorrow!” Several people asked for the recipes and more details so here goes…

You could use paper cups and popsicle sticks, but I bought these rocket pop molds online for about $10. I do have a little boy after all. Okay, even I think it’s more fun to eat a rocket-shaped popsicle than a plain one. :) I also prefer reusable products when possible and we’ll make up the cost of the molds super fast.

I think the recipe for orange-yogurt pops my mom used when I was growing up involved frozen orange juice concentrate, but I simply used a ratio of 2 parts juice (Tropicana ‘Some Pulp’) to 1 part yogurt. These popsicles have more of an icy texture with a hint of creaminess and were very similar to what I remember as a kid. I didn’t add any sugar and I used plain yogurt; I liked them as is, but I might add a bit of honey or other sweetener next time. If you use a flavored yogurt (both vanilla and strawberry would be great!) I definitely wouldn’t add any sweetener.

For the strawberry pops, I found two simple recipes here and here. They are basically identical except for the amount of sugar (and now I can’t remember how much I ended up using). I didn’t pulse the strawberries very much because we wanted a sort of chunky texture. Oh, I also used regular low-fat organic yogurt instead of greek yogurt because that’s what we had at the time. These were very creamy and Jeff’s favorite of the two.

Next time I will try greek yogurt (extra creaminess!) and maybe some different fruit. I’m thinking peach since they are in peak season right now. Yum.

Oh, and using 1 cup of juice/half cup of yogurt and a half pound of strawberries/half cup of yogurt gave us five of each flavor in these particular molds. Even Sam liked them! They were too cold for him to take a bite straight from the popsicles, but he enjoyed the bits we put in his mouth for him.

What are your favorite flavors of popsicles? Do they remind you of your childhood like they do for me?

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  1. July 19, 2012

    I like the 3 sentences to rationalize a $10 cost. I need your frugality. Because of the roommate woes, I have been overspending right and left. Ugh! I’m not going to debt or anything, but still. I need to reign in.

    I’m totally going to have to make these one day.

    • July 19, 2012

      Ha! Yeah, some people might say I’m a tightwad. 😉 I just hate excess waste, though I’m quite good at wasting time.

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