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Five-Senses Friday

2012 July 6
by Sarah

Today I am…

hearing: the muffled hum of outdoor a/c units and cool air moving through the ducts; the repeated light banging of metal on metal as Sam plays with his favorite toy: Mochi’s dog kennel; songs from the TV show Phineas and Ferb silently running through my head; the sound of my own voice over and over (“No touching!”, “No throwing food!”, “I love you!”, “Peek-a-boo!”)

feeling: thick, humid air that envelops me the moment I walk outside; damp on my brow if I stay outside longer than 5 minutes; both the contentment and sadness that come with finishing a good book

seeing: a little boy, so curious about the world, emerging from my little baby; once green grass now dry, crunchy, and brown; flowers in need of water; new dangers in ordinary places now that Sam is cruising and exploring every nook and cranny

tasting: leftover fruit dip from our small Independence Day gathering; lemonade; iced tea; lemonade and iced tea together

smelling: coconut oil and baby skin, clean laundry

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