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Five-Senses Friday

2012 April 20
by Sarah

It’s been an atypical week for us. We’ve had two appointments for work on the house, Jeff went on a 36-hour business trip, and Sam’s been dealing with a cough and runny nose. All those things add up to shifting schedules, missed naps, and low levels of predictability.

But for today, I have been…

hearing: neighborhood sounds through open windows (birds chirping, neighbors mowing, cars driving by, dogs barking); baby babbles (“da da da da ba”); baby coughs

seeing: sheets and sheets of papers dissipate into tiny shreds, progress on too long put off projects, stacks of clean dishes, my little man in his first soccer t-shirt, baby-doggie hugs

smelling: paper dust and fresh air and milk burps

tasting: cereal, kefir, pb&j, grapefruit

feeling: little fingers twirling my hair, a snotty face against mine, anticipation of a reunion hug tonight

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