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Five-Senses Friday

2012 February 10
by Sarah

I knew the day would come eventually when I’d be sick, but my first priority would still be taking care of the neediest member of the family. That day is today. I’m not horribly ill or anything, but definitely under the weather. The kind of thing that usually clears up quickly with a good night’s sleep and many cups of tea. I’ve got the tea part down anyway.

Today I am…

hearing: the trash and recycling trucks compacting their loads and rumbling down the street; soft doggie snores; baby’s rhythmic suck-suck-swallow

seeing: smudges on my glasses from little exploring fingers; Mochi-dog’s new Cindy Crawford-esque facial wart; softly falling snow (a rarity this winter)

feeling: a dull ache behind my eyes and nasal drip; little fingers pulling, tugging, grasping my hair

tasting: lots of fluids – orange juice, tea (ginger green and chai), and water

smelling: not much!

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  1. February 10, 2012

    I’m sorry you’re sick! I hope it is one of those “clears up quickly” things.

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