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Five-Senses Friday

2011 October 14
by Sarah

Today I am…

tasting: oat flakes and dried blueberries and milk; soon: tea with memories of England

seeing: dark limbs showing through thinning, amber leaves; pumpkins and mums on neighbors’ porches; grass spotted with brown leaves; infectious, toothless baby smiles

smelling: traces of tea tree oil in my still damp hair; dogs in need of a bath

feeling: damp hair against my bare neck; a slight chill in the autumn air; warm, soft baby skin; the smooth, polished wood of a rocker used by generations of women in my family

hearing: Jeff’s voice on a work call coming through the floor boards; dogs barking out the window at some perceived threat; the hum of the baby monitor, and now the hiccups and squeaks that let me know a certain little boy is awake and in need of his mama

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