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Missing This

2011 September 8
by Sarah

I miss writing and blogging. I’ve been trying to jot down some of my head composing as I can since it never seems to be quite as good when I come back to an idea or even a particular sentence later. However, lately this most often comes in the middle of the night as I’m trying to fall back asleep after feeding the baby. Why is it that I have such clarity of thought in the stillness and quiet of the night? (Maybe it is hereditery. Thanks, Dad.) Hopefully these nocturnal snippets will become full-length posts in due time. You know, before Sam starts school.

I have lots of things I want to write about and many pictures to post. I hope to start blogging more regularly soon. Life is a new kind of busy in this season and my hands are full. Literally. But life is good and my heart is full too. More to come later…

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  1. September 10, 2011

    Good to hear from you! You definitely are in a new, busy season, and I hope you get to thoroughly enjoy it. Looking forward to seeing pictures and posts from you, but I totally understand the “no time to write” part of your world right now!

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