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Five-Senses Friday

2011 February 18
by Sarah

It has been unseasonably warm this week, for which I am grateful. It’s been a colder, snowier winter than usual even though it hasn’t been that cold by some standards. Regardless, I am ready to greet the splendor of spring with open arms.

Today I am…

feeling: the familiar softness of an old, favorite t-shirt; the give and stretch of an elastic waistband; breeze through open windows

seeing: my belly expanding, growing; the shrinking pile of pots, pans, and dishes from last night’s dinner

smelling: the glorious, even heavenly, fragrance of my potted hyacinth — it fills the whole house!

tasting: green goodness, pomegranate kefir, eggs, toast with apple butter, grapefruit

hearing: birds outside said open windows; later today, the babbles and squeals of a 16-month old

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