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Jean-Luc Picard: A Very Dull Man

2010 April 14
by Sarah

Bear with me as I show some of my geeky side. Last night, Jeff and I watched an episode of Star Trek TNG called “The Perfect Mate.” It’s the kind of Star Trek that I enjoy most: one that focuses on the characters themselves rather than action-adventure. The whole episode is worth watching and there are classic moments from Riker, Worf, Data, Dr. Crusher, and Picard, of course.

My favorite part starts at 4:23, but start at the beginning to get more context for the scene.

Kamala:My empathic powers can only sense a man of deep passion and conviction… So controlled, so disciplined. I’m simply curious to know what lies beneath.”
Picard: “Nothing. Nothing lies beneath! I’m… I’m really… quite dull. I fall asleep each night with an old book in my hands.”
K: “When a metamorph finds you interesting, do not take it lightly.”
P: “Oh, I’m not taking it lightly, I’m just trying… to be as dull as possible.”

Love it! Picard is such an interesting, multi-layered character.

Interesting to note: The woman who plays Kamala also plays Jane Grey in the X-Men movies to Patrick Stewart’s (Picard’s) Charles Xavier. I totally missed that the first time around, but now it seems so obvious. The actress (Famke Janssen) was also slotted to play Jadzia Dax in DS9, but turned down the role.

I’ve now lost all but two or three of you. :)

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  1. April 14, 2010


  2. jaimieteekell permalink
    April 14, 2010

    Stop flirting with him! He’s Q’s!!!!

    Ooooh Ferengi. I miss them.

    Yeah, that was a good episode. I remember being 15 and really uncomfortable when she said “make love.”

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